5 Boros Basketball’s mission is to empower disadvantaged boys living in underprivileged communities in New York City, between the age of 7 and 18 years old. We focus on strengthening their self-esteem, self-discipline, leadership, teamwork and a sense of accomplishment through the game of basketball and academic support.

5 Boros Basketball is committed to the development of its players. Our coaches and volunteers are focused on developing the skill level of each individual player so he can achieve his full potential on the basketball court and improve his chance for scholarships and entry into top high schools and universities. 5 Boros Basketball program also benefits communities, as youth participation in sports helps to curtail gang-related violence and drug abuse that often plagues underprivileged communities as well as childhood obesity. 5 Boro’s Basketball is not a 100% free program for ALL it’s players but many do participate free of charge.


We believe in the unique richness that comes from self-respect and we encourage each child to achieve excellence in both basketball and academics.

We are dedicated to developing strong student athletes to achieve high quality results.

We nurture a spirit of individual responsibility to the program and social responsibility within our communities.

We take seriously the commitment of each individual and value all resources provided to us.