Help us Keep the Kids Playing

Check out our sponsorship packet right below to see how you can help our Student-Athletes stay in School and in the Gym instead of on the Street.

5 Boros Basketball (5BB) is a 501(C)3 non profit organization that was founded in 2010. Since its inception, 5BB has been growing at a rapid pace and we now proudly boast teams ranging for kids from 4th to 12th grade at absolutely NO COST to our athletes. Our teams have won numerous championships over the years and the primary mode of our success has been through the generous donations of our sponsors.

Our greatest accomplishment is our ability to provide goals and inspiration for our most at-risk youth providing a pathway to academic and lifetime success. Our program continues to positively impact all of the youth in our program, transforming their lives for the better. In the area we serve, there are several social statistics contributing to low graduation rates. It’s key that a free outlet is available to the children in order to steer them off the streets and create lifetime goals. Through the commitment of the 5BB staff and coaches, we continue to mentor and positively impact the lives of our young athletes. Many of our youth are being solicited to notable high schools and colleges both because of their
skills on the court as well as their skills in the classroom. We have even had 15 graduates move on to Division I colleges with full scholarships, 3 to European professional teams, and 1 to the NBA.