5 Boros Basketball Inc. was started in 2010.

5 Boros Basketball consists of a registered 501(C) 3 non-profit organization.

5 Boros basketball  began with ONE team and since then we are proud to say we have grown to have 7-10 teams per year.

We are even more proud to say we  have been one of the few basketball programs in NY that is 100% free.  We are a much needed outlet for many kids who want and need to play basketball on a high level but cannot afford some of the cost that come with that experience. Some say it is just basketball but we all know where sports can take you.

For example, we are proud that all of our eighth graders last year were accepted to the high schools of their choice.  Further, our boys are learning life skills that come from playing competitive team sports, including self-discipline, focus and collaboration which they will benefit from for the rest of their lives. The commitment of 5B and its coaches to the development of the boys’ basketball skill is also having a positive impact on their lives as some of them are already getting solicited by the coaches of some very good high schools and colleges, through the exposure they are getting competing in tournaments. Playing competitive basketball also provides the boys with a better chance of obtaining scholarships from these schools, which can make a pro- found difference in making college affordable.

Our goal is to get as many of our players in front of the high school and college of their choice in the hopes of obtaining a full or partial scholarship to that school. Our staff of volunteer coaches is unmatched in NYC and have helped us lead the program to countless championships locally and Nationally.

We also hold numerous free clinics several months per year which we usually have well over 300 kids attend. During these clinics kids are taught the game of basketball from the ground up the right way.

We also have numerous professional players and college athletes attend and help us run the clinics.

5 Boros continues to have a positive impact on our players and community.